1 thought on “Trapped under a radiator for 24 hours (UK)

  1. We conducted some research in to how many “panic button” users actually wore their panic button at any given time and from our small survey (with the help of a local community alarm company) of about 300 people – around 50% RARELY ACTUALLY WORE THEIR PANIC BUTTON.

    If this ratio holds true amongst the wider public then panic button services are being provided to hundreds of thousands of people around the country, at quite some considerable cost, without any significant benefit.

    A panic button combined with something like our Safety Confirmation Service (see http://www.alertacall.com) where the well being of the customer is ACTIVELY confirmed morning and night is a far more robust solution for most people. If someone then takes their panic button off another safety net is in place. The two work brilliantly together.

    Thank goodness, in the case of this lady, someone actually came within 24 hours. Many people living alone can go several days without visitors.

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