The chip that may revolutionize telehealth and telecare?

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oregon chipVital signs and activity monitoring sensors enabled on one large postage stamp-sized chip? That is the promise–and it costs less than 25 cents, can be made adhesive (for on-body or clothing use), is disposable and runs on energy drawn from your cell phone (to which it tethers.) Developed by electrical engineering students and faculty at Oregon State University, they are patenting the technology, getting FDA approval and plan to commercialize it as early as mid-2013. An app and cloud storage for data is under development. Partners are OSU’s Linus Pauling Institute and Oregon Health and Science University, which will conduct the clinical trials necessary for FDA approval. Other support is provided by the National Science Foundation and the Catalyst Foundation. If it performs as presented, it makes most traditional health monitoring devices into Ford Model Ts and adds an entire new dimension to telecare. Oregon State University engineers develop tiny, inexpensive chip to monitor vital signs (Oregonian) Also GeekWire.


  1. Stealing power from mobile masts? Someone was prosecuted in Ruby for stealing RF signal power to light his home.

    The actual article says powered from mobile phones – so it’s an NFC communication I assume. Beware of Chinese whispers.

    Sounds good if it can be manufactured for real.

  2. Donna Cusano

    Tim–thanks for the catch. It’s corrected per the original source article. (The GeekWire article may have misinterpreted, and we don’t want to pass that along :o )