Wireless health as telehealth accelerator and disruptor

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From ‘Start Up’ (full article available at $125), this excerpt published in Medical Devices Today neatly packages the past six years of telecare/telehealth development into (then) big medical device companies developing ‘remote monitoring’ of chronic conditions into (now) big telecom, networking and software companies driving the truck of disruption into the brick house of current medical care.  Out of the rubble is a new paradigm of affordable, more accessible and personalized healthcare. (Editor’s metaphor.) Whither the innovative, early-stage companies that we thought were at least on the truck?  “But many of the newcomers are also pushing into the territories in medicine held by the traditional manufacturers, the pharmaceutical and medical device companies, with new business applications that threaten the old business models.” Alas, it’s just as messy as we thought.  Wireless Health: Personalized Medicine Comes to the Device Industry