Remote monitoring development IS moving faster

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This ZDNet article confirms what we already know–the pace of development and bringing to market of remote monitoring in telecare and telehealth is increasing (building to a critical mass?), but insurance company reimbursement and FDA approvals are not keeping up.  The overview starts with the Alcatel-Lucent FDA approval (covered below) and others including Medtronics, MedApps, St. Jude Medical, ExpressMD and Biotronik.  (One small absurdity:  the proposal that Intel and GE lead the industry in streamlining approvals by both insurance companies and the FDA.)

More evidence of mainstreaming:  the TechZulu website is not known for covering healthcare but here’s an article and show floor video (your Friday ‘funny’) about MedApps at CTIA.

[Clueless interviewer manages to ask all the right questions!]