Remote monitoring development IS moving faster

This ZDNet article confirms what we already know–the pace of development and bringing to market of remote monitoring in telecare and telehealth is increasing (building to a critical mass?), but insurance company reimbursement and FDA approvals are not keeping up.  The overview starts with the Alcatel-Lucent FDA approval (covered below) and others including Medtronics, MedApps, St. Jude Medical, ExpressMD and Biotronik.  (One small absurdity:  the proposal that Intel and GE lead the industry in streamlining approvals by both insurance companies and the FDA.)

More evidence of mainstreaming:  the TechZulu website is not known for covering healthcare but here’s an article and show floor video (your Friday ‘funny’) about MedApps at CTIA.

[Clueless interviewer manages to ask all the right questions!]