Proteus Biomedical gains $24 million investment from Novartis

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This further investment by Novartis in Proteus Biomedical following its recent small test of Proteus microchips in Novartis’ blood pressure medication Diovan (see earlier article) seems to be key in Novartis’ efforts to gain greater adherence by patients in pharmaceutical therapy.  The licensing and collaboration agreement is for ‘sensor-based technologies in the field of organ transplantation’ (one wonders); with the $24 million investment, Novartis also gains option rights for Proteus’ cardiovascular and oncology product applications, as well in clinical development of pharmaceutical products.  It does not seem to include Proteus’ tuberculosis and psychiatric disorders applications, which are currently in clinical investigation, according to Mobihealthnews.  Is this a harbinger of better days to come for startup and early-stage companies in the eHealth world, wondering when investment funding will move off the sidelines?  We can hope.