Consortium forming for US-based independent aging/wellness tech companies

An unusual development of the Digital Health/Silvers Summit conference/exposition at CES this year is the formation of a consortium of small to mid-size companies developing technologies to support older people, whether in personal safety, cognition, wellness, or socialization.  This is being spearheaded by GrandCare Systems and the SmartSilvers Alliance (developer of the Silvers Summit), with a key contribution from Presto Services Inc, to foster the idea of ‘co-ompetition’ among related companies.  The objective of the consortium is first to increase the presently low public awareness that there are a variety of ‘here and now’ supportive technologies to make growing older easier and safer, which can also complement each other.  It also intends to be a platform for sharing information among independent, early-stage companies; educating consumers, medical professionals and policy makers; facilitating marketing partnerships, and improving access to markets that smaller companies find difficult (or impossible) to reach effectively alone.  Certainly the ‘hang together’ objectives are worthy ones.  For more information, contact

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  1. Consortium – small correction

    Just a small correction: it’s Presto Services Inc. (not Presto Systems). Thank you for spreading this interesting story in its formative stage.

    Also, although small to misdsize companies are the initial group forming this consortium, there is nothing preventing larger organizations from joining. Thanks for listening.

    Peter Radsliff CEO, Presto Services Inc.

    [Thanks, have amended the original. Steve]

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