Telemedicine licensing in Texas

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This may be welcome news for online doctor consult firms [TA 2 August].  The Lone Star State’s medical board, at the end of last month, has developed rule changes (for final publishing this month) to clarify licensing and standards for out-of-state physician consults.  This would apply both to hospitals and to non-medical sites such as a patient’s home or a store kiosk.  It does affect Medicaid (state program) and may be a model for other states.  Disclaimer:  the Global Media blog article is interpretation.  The rule changes are posted on the Texas Medical Board’s website here (see Chapters 172 and 174). We invite commentary from Texas and from online doctor consult firms.


  1. Alex Price--InteractiveMD

    Telemedicine licensing

    Thanks so much for reaching out on this important matter within the telemedicine industry. InteractiveMD’s medical staff spends substantial time reviewing policy, and remains encouraged that state medical boards are continuing to evaluate their policies with respect to telemedicine licensing. As was the case with TMB, we hope that any formal decision made by state medical boards on licensing requirements takes into account the tremendous potential benefits that telemedicine offers both patients and physicians with respect to delivery of high quality, cost-effective medical care.

    We recognize that telemedicine has the potential to be a disruptive technology and positively impact the way health care is delivered, and are encouraged by state boards’ efforts to define standards further.

    Best regards,

    Alex Price

    Sr. Manager, PR & Branding, InteractiveMD