1 thought on “Telemedicine: improving the health care system through innovation (Canada)

  1. Telemedicine in Canada

    The report suggests that “Canada’s public health sector is still taking its first timid steps in this area”. This is, I think, a misrepresentation of the facts when one considers that, for example, the Ontario Telemedicine Network with more than 1000 end points is the largest in the world and performed in excess of 120,000 session in the last fiscal year. Other jurisdictions compare favourably with those numbers on a per capita basis and telehealth has both improved access to care and reduced costs for patients.

    The institute appears to basing its comments on the situation in Quebec and has ignored the rest of Canada. By careful choice of data to support its case it also appears to be a strong advocate of privatized medicine which is something the majority of Canadians deem unacceptable.

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