GE Healthcare and Intel extend Health Guide to UK

[Christine Claus, Intel]

The GE/Intel UK cooperation is part of an alliance announced in April 2009, when GE Healthcare and Intel announced that they would combine their complementary skill sets and extensive research resources to accelerate the innovation and commercialization of next-generation home health technologies. GE Healthcare already markets the Intel® Health Guide in the United States.  The UK announcement does not impact other Intel® Health Guide resellers. We see this as a way to accelerate awareness and adoption of telehealth technology. As the market segment continues to grow, Intel’s key focus will be on supporting its resellers.
In February 2009 we announced the successful completion of a small scale NHS Lothian pilot with the Intel Health Guide. This is currently being expanded into a large scale programme deploying  400 Intel Health Guide units into homes throughout the Lothian regions to provide in-home care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic conditions (more information on The programme is part of an ongoing collaboration between NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government, implemented by Intel and Tunstall. Other UK projects are currently under negotiation.

[Editor’s addendum:  NHS Lothian is funding broadband connectivity as part of the program, so the patients and clinicians can use the video conferencing functionality built into the Intel Health Guide.  This answers a question raised by Steve last March in these pages on the Lothian pilot.]  

Intel is also engaged in a wide ranging programme of activities for organisations with an interest in telehealth including PCTs, professional bodies and patient and carer organisations. Most recently Intel hosted a number of Telehealth Essentials seminars and webinar aimed at educating healthcare professionals on the benefits of telehealth solutions in the face of increasing demands on health and social care resources. In addition, Intel also engages with key stakeholders and telehealth experts in policy and industry.