2010 breakthrough for wireless healthcare monitoring?

Now that we’ve wrapped up 2009, here are the 2010 predictions.  John Farrell in MobileHealthWatch.com reads through Forrester Research’s Predictions 2010 on enterprise mobility (subscribers only) and picked out the healthcare-relevant tidbit, cross-referencing it with other recent studies:

  • Forrester:  M2M (machine-to-machine) IP-based applications and services will become widely available from the top tier mobile carriers.  Farrell posits M2M as key to the success of mobile healthcare devices.
  • Beecham Research:  the worldwide need to cut costs will spur already rapidly developing out-of-hospital healthcare monitoring, creating significant opportunity for cellular and other wireless technologies, despite the current ‘sideways’ economy.
  • Frost & Sullivan:  their August 2009 remote patient monitoring growth projection from $98.2 million in 2008 to $428.6 million in 2015 is healthy and promising, but sustained growth is dependent on improved direct reimbursement policies.   

Farrell’s parting shot:  imagine the growth if we developed direct reimbursement policies for remote monitoring technology.  Article.