TeleHealth Still Waiting…

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“…it does seem inevitable that at some point in time telehealth will take hold as the current system of care continues to spiral in a chaotic unsustainable¬†trajectory. Something has to change, something will change and the technologies discussed at this event [4th Connected for Health Symposium] will be a part of that future equation. The multi-million if not billion dollar question is when.” John Moore on the Chilmark Research blog, reflecting on the long wait for telehealth to take off, triggered by his attendance at the Symposium in Boston last week. TeleHealth Still Waiting…


  1. Trevor Cradduck

    Telehealth still waiting
    While John Moore’s conclusion may be valid for the USA based on the evidence he witnessed at the conference I don’t think the conclusion necessarily applies to other jurisdictions. He needs only to look north to Canada to see how telehealth is being integrated into routine health care delivery.