Telehealth resources from Yorkshire & Humber (UK)

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The Yorkshire and Humber Health Innovation and Education Cluster (HIEC) has produced and made available some useful resources, in particular an on-line Telehealth Toolkit and PDF workbooks on Teleconsultation and Telemonitoring. All three can be accessed from this web page. (Information picked up from their updates newsletter – subscription form on page right.) [It looks like this work is being fed with inputs from the North Yorkshire and York telehealth programme.]


  1. Just to clarify that whilst colleagues in North Yorkshire and York have been active contributors to this work there is an outbreak of experimentation in telecare and telehealth in all its guises across health and social care in Yorkshire and the Humber and these materials reflect the experience of colleagues across those communities.

    Detailed information with respect to North Yorkshire in particular is available at

    Organisations across Yorkshire and the Humber are collaborating with a range of vendors and the materials available on the HIEC website are independent, produced in the NHS for the NHS and beyond.

    Thanks for the support and as the products are living documents all comments and contributions from Telecare Aware subscribers are very welcome.

    Reflecting the increasing momentum towards health and social care integration the next iteration of the toolkit will explicitly highlight the spectrum of service models incorporating assistive technology to include telecare, telecoaching,telemonitoring and teleconsultation.