Pushing the limits of 'remote'

On the extreme edges of telehealth technology is emergency telemonitoring equipment for use on aircraft, ships, oil rigs and on the battlefield.  It has to be rugged, ready and easy to use in non-optimal conditions. UK’s RDT Tempus telehealth monitor (called telemedicine here) in conjunction with Arizona-based MedAire as service provider, takes basic vital signs up to an ECG.  It can rule out–or rule in–a change in travel or help an onboard doctor stabilize a passenger or worker, and is used by Virgin Atlantic, V Australia, BMI, Emirates and Etihad airlines.  RDT is also developing an even ruggeder version for use by the US military by field medics, which will include an ultrasonic probe and a video laryngoscope.  The Economist gives the dramatic story.  RDT Tempus websiteThe National (Abu Dhabi) on flight crew training on devices.