Telehealth "moving too fast for a peer-reviewed academic report" (UK)

Dick Vinegar, the Guardian’s ‘Patient from Hell’ has written again about the WSD trial and the delay in publishing the results. What’s very good this time is the quality of the comments which (despite the fact that in mentioning several resources none of the commenters thought to mention Telecare Aware, but there you go…) are well worth reading. Telehealth is moving too fast for a peer-reviewed academic report.

One sentence that jumped out to editor Steve was “..perhaps if NHS folk were a bit more focused on reforming work practices around patients, they would adopt technologies more quickly that enabled reform of work flow with an impact on patient outcomes.” I suspect that for the 3millionlives (3ML) initiative to make progress it will need to highlight the need for these changes as much as the technology. I wonder which other points will jump out to you, dear readers?