Bosch and Cardiocom clash over patents

We have noted a number of times that Bosch is relentless in defending its patent portfolio [e.g. TA April 2012]. It has taken on large as well as small companies and now we learn it is to battle with Cardiocom, a company that has its own patent portfolio in this field, going back to 1999. According to this item, Bosch is suing over six patents related to methods and devices used to transmit medical data and communications securely via the internet or cell phones. The lawsuit seeks to stop Cardiocom from making and selling their system and to recover unspecified damages that it suffered due to Cardiocom’s ‘infringing activities’. Daniel Cosentino, Cardiocom’s President and CEO is quoted in their press release as saying “Bosch’s claims are groundless and completely without merit. Cardiocom’s products and services do not violate any intellectual property rights. Cardiocom is being advised by one of the nation’s most prominent and highly respected patent law firms.” Cardiocom’s intellectual property portfolio includes over 160 claims. Perhaps this situation says as much about the flawed US patent system as it does the content of the companies’ intellectual property.

1 thought on “Bosch and Cardiocom clash over patents

  1. Bosch having deep pockets and a portfolio of patents is going after what ever they can. They licensed with Philips, settled with Alere.

    Steve- What ever happened to claims against American Telecare and Viterion. They did go after them too – maybe they settled. Is it possible to summarize their licensees to see what they are going after.

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