Implantable blood glucose meter nears human trials

An implantable glucose sensor + telemetry system that continuously measures blood glucose via fluctuations in oxygen levels in tissue, developed by GlySens and partly sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, has successfully completed testing in pigs at University of California, San Diego. Human trials for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are scheduled in the next few months.  Reuters–Wireless sensor watches blood sugar for diabeticsUCSD/Jacobs School of Engineering article.

2 thoughts on “Implantable blood glucose meter nears human trials

  1. Implanted glucose sensor works for more than one year

    This is a significant development and potentially extremely good news for people with diabetes. The sensor has worked well in pigs so far and the developers hope to begin the first human trial soon.

    It is also a pleasure to read an article (the UCSD/Jacobs School one) where solid substance has meant that the author has not had to resort to the woolly words ‘solution’ and ‘platform’.

  2. this is exactly what is needed as diabetes across the board is getting more common,
    when will this be coming to uk as a trial/pilot scheme is what interests myself

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