Telecare briefs: mood music, securing data…and not

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GrandCare adds streaming music...Coro Health’s MusicFirst, which can be customized for the individual’s taste in entertainment and to influence mood, is being added to GrandCare’s Trillium and HomeBase monitoring and socialization system. Music to lift mood, soothe and calm particularly in stroke, Alzheimers and other brain injury is a particular interest of Ed. Donna; see this fascinating article on the use of Coro’s music in therapy in a retirement community in Taos, New Mexico. Release.

Diversinet awarded 16th US patent for new technology in securing information on a mobile platform. The encryption prevents unauthorized access to information and also prevents ‘cloning’–transfer to another mobile device.┬áThe technology will be integrated into their MobiSecure platform. Diversinet’s mCare mobile app is currently the basis of a Department of Defense mHealth pilot for returning US service personnel with traumatic brain injuries. Release.

And the breach goes on…..A UCLA Health System (University of California Los Angeles) physician’s hard drive was stolen–with password nearby and also taken–and now 16,288 patients have to worry about identity theft. Name, address, health history and date of birth was taken, although (allegedly) not credit card or SSI number. One wonders if the cloud is more…or less…secure than these high profile losses. More information is being secured in practices which get larger and larger–and which may have rather sketchy data management capabilities. Los Angeles Times article.