BeClose announces in-home telecare system (US)

Like other systems, it has a secure online portal and provides alerts (which are email and text only–no phone, which means no monitoring center).  It differs from competitors (GE QuietCare, WellAWARE, HealthSense) in that it is designed purely for the home.  Unlike the recently premiered (and similarly named) home system CloseBy Network, it can be self-installed without tools or drilling (hurray!)–or a professional installer.  Data uploads to their server on cellular M2M which means it is always on and presumably always feeding real time data.  What is tricky for the install is that the sensors are installed in the home, but the sensors must be coordinated and located online by the family member who may not have online access there.

Available information does not allude to behavioral modeling or baseline behavior, which leads this editor to deduce that alerts are rules-based  and set by a family member or caregiver.  Thus it’s a stretch (to this editor) for the copy to ambiguously state ‘spotting troubling patterns’ which would be left to the family member monitoring and analyzing the website reports.

Unfortunately while the release promotes its market launch (w/o pricing), the website needs an update:  the ‘shop’ button is still at ‘coming soon’ status, pricing and kit details are under FAQs ($299-399 depending on home size, plus a monthly monitoring charge of $79, comparable to QuietCare home version circa 2007, but without the live monitoring.  Pressure sensitive mats are not included in these kits.) and the demo is incomplete (where’s the bathroom?). Also the online reports are not illustrated–if the family member is looking at them, what is this person seeing? You have to view the nearly 9 minute installation video to get a more complete idea of the system placement in the home.  BeClose release , website