Surrey: Better health targeting through Docobo risk stratification (UK)

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GPs in Surrey will soon be able to identify which patients are likely to need more attention to prevent hospital admissions. NHS Surrey has commissioned Docobo Ltd to supply practices with its new risk stratification tool called ArtemusICS. Using patient data from primary and secondary care, the tool creates dashboards that are easy for doctors and nurses to use. Docobo press release. [Good to hear from Docobo again after a long time quiet.]


  1. Thank you for publishing this news. Just to update you on Docobo’s activities generally, during 2011, we have been busy opening new channels to market in Brazil, South Africa, the Bahamas and China – in addition to growing our UK operations in telehealth and with introduction of the Community Management system ComCare in conjunction with our Australian partner Silver Chain.

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    Rachel Wilson
    Regional Telehealth Development Manager