With just two words, telecare services' responsibilities have changed (UK)

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30th June – The Canalside, Taunton, Somerset
1st July – Hilton Cobham Hotel
2nd July – Central Hall, Westminster
5th July – Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
6th July – Leicester City Football Club
7th July – Hindlip Hall, Worcester
8th July – The Centre, Birchwood Park, Warrington
9th July – Kirkley Hall, Northumberland
13th July – Scottish Police College, Fife

2 thoughts on “With just two words, telecare services' responsibilities have changed (UK)

  1. Insurance Approved
    It is great that the police have approved it. Would an insurance company payout if the keys were removed from the device to commit a burglary?

  2. Response to Insurance Approved

    Hi Anon,

    If you make contact with me on 01905 770333 I can deal with your question more accurately once I fully understand your circumstances.

    A quick response to your question is that Supra UK is very proud to have insurance acknowledgement for our product, as can be seen on our website http://www.keysafe.co.uk/ Of course, it’s fantastic news that the C500 has passed the LPS1175 level 1 tests which means that it is as secure as a domestic front door of the same grade and therefore there is now no point in even attempting to get the keys out.

    Do contact me directly so that we can provide further assistance and guidance.

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