The success of telehealth

Tunstall tries to repair its recent PR fiascos with a warm-fuzzy (i.e. lacking in numbers) telehealth press release concerning a GP practice in Bristol: The Orchard Medical Centre Reports on the Success of Telehealth.

Missed the fiascos? The first has just been caught up with by e-HealthInsider (Telecare Aware 6 August: Tunstall predicts redundancies) and the second was Tunstall’s chief executive James Buckley’s interview with The Times business travel supplement where he not only boasts about his ‘environmentally friendly’ BMW X6 three litre turbo diesel* but sabotaged any reputation for discretion by revealing something his Marketing Director must surely wish had been kept within the walls of Tunstall’s HQ.

* X6 review

2 thoughts on “The success of telehealth

  1. Mortified Marketing
    This is a perfect example of CEO “open mouth, insert foot” that makes life just wonderful for PR and marketing execs. As she scurries about on damage control, Ms. Rogan has my additional sympathies—perhaps she was thinking that the aircraft was a double decker like the early 747s or (now we are going down memory lane) the Boeing Stratocruiser and DC-3 (As a historic aviation buff, I get this…) Perhaps she’ll think wiser about saying such things—well, at least she has a first-class sense of humor about herself!

  2. James Buckley’s interview with Times Travel mag
    Maybe she was ahead of her time, and thought it was an Airbus A380! Seriously though, I didn’t see too much wrong with what he said. He’s CEO of a large company, you expect a degree of lavishness, and he does take the train whenever it makes sense.

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