2 thoughts on “So what can telehealth and telecare achieve for NHS patients?

  1. An interesting read, I do relate to some of what he is saying.

    As a new startup telecare products and services provider we have had heaps of interest from telecare support branches of councils and yet have struggled to even get in touch with anybody at the NHS to demonstrate the benefits of our products.

    Without going through lengthy procurement procedures it is difficult to showcase something new in the market that could help.

    Maybe we could make a bigger roar and see if we can get someones ear at the NHS!

    Information available here: [url]thecarephone.com[/url]
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    Ben Lloyd.

  2. The difficulty those sorts of statistics present are they are unbelievable – not because there weren’t fewer admissions but because it is very rare for anything to be avoided or exacerbated through just technology; the outcome results from a package of measures combined appropriately.

    Yes Paul some cost efficiencies might help move things on but it will only work if we are serious about changing practices … otherwise even cheap technology is too expensive! It isn’t a new message, for many of us it is a day to day reality – what would be useful is some thoughts on really effecting those changes in practice. As an aside – and I know my access at work is on an old browser version – I got a rather bizarre effect from the lack of alignment between your head and your body … if nothing else that will get anyone who has skipped reading your blog scooting back!
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    Ben I don’t think your product needs overpitching to the NHS. Pick your geographical areas carefully and establish your reputation. If a Local Authority already has a full council run response centre, you will find it hard to break the tradition that many practitioners rely on so heavily and you will find it harder to attract customers.

    As Self Directed Support (Scotland) Bill becomes legislation you have an increased opportunity for people to buy an alternative.

    Finally look for the market that arises where an individual absolutely refuses to have a landline phone – not huge volume but we consistently have a few service users where this applies and we struggle to deliver some services to them.

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