Smart-ICE in case of emergency

The EMS Options iPhone application EMS Alert released in May (see TA report) has been rebranded under the name smart-ICE and by adopting what is becoming the most recognized ICE (In Case of Emergency) symbols in the world. The ICE symbol, developed by helps emergency response teams spot that someone has medical information on the phone or other device they are carrying. Press release (PDF) for details.

1 thought on “Smart-ICE in case of emergency

  1. ICE Application – smart-ICE

    This is simply one of the best uses to date for this widely recognized safety symbol.

    ICE4SAFETY has develped quite an assembly of supportive tools, information and promotional material to help groups implement ICE Programs into the community and workplace – and they still manage to give away free ICE Kits!

    Good teamwork by some safety/ems pro’s!

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