Safety fears over new BT lines (UK)

Hype-y headline for this article from the national daily, The Telegraph, flags up the issue to the general public of the incompatibility of some older telecare (community alarm) equipment with the new national network (21CN) being introduced to the UK by British Telecommunications (BT). Read the article here.

As there is more old Tunstall equipment around than other makes, this mostly seems to be a problem for its customers. If you want to see which Tunstall telecare equipment is 21CN incompatible it is listed on this web page. [Full marks to Tunstall for being upfront about it, but no doubt it has also been a great boost for sales of replacement equipment. Let’s hope that not too much of the Preventative Technology Grant was spent on it.]

Postscript: I see I’m not the only one to be somewhat bemused by the Telegraph item – see the ‘Hard to know where to start with this one’ item at the bottom of the Telco 2.0 blog.