'Ready Steady Go' telehealth implementation toolkit: Surprisingly good (UK)

Dr Simon Brownsell and Tim Ellis (with inputs from a number of experts around Europe) and the work was funded by the European Commission’s RICHARD Project. However, good credentials do not necessarily mean that the content will be useful or readable. Well, this editor (Steve) is happy to report that it is very readable thanks to structuring it around the analogy of preparations for, undertaking, and reviewing, a race. Even better, the toolkit is illustrated with pictures of real people not stock photos of models, the curse of too many documents and websites these days.

And in case you are wondering, their definition of ‘telehealth’ is wide:”…the use of Information and Communication Technologies to support healthcare at a distance between a medical or care professional and a patient.” but the focus is clearly on remote vital signs monitoring.

Download the toolkit as a PDF from the CLAHRC Toolkits web page.

2 thoughts on “'Ready Steady Go' telehealth implementation toolkit: Surprisingly good (UK)

  1. Steve, this should come to the attention of those in the US who are implementing telehealth and mHealth, as well as apps, in various healthcare organizations–acute, post-acute and LTC. This is not a document for a lazy read or skimming, but a true project management roadmap that with appropriate healthcare system adjustments can be used anywhere. 🙂

  2. Perhaps some of our readers will post about it in their Linkedin groups and on Twitter. Pointing them to it via Telecare Aware will help give readers the context.

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