Qualcomm pulls the plug on LifeComm

According to mobihealthnews, “It’s been more than four years since Qualcomm first announced its plans to help launch a healthcare-focused mobile phone service, called LifeComm. Qualcomm and its (still) undisclosed partners recently decided that it was time to pull the plug on LifeComm after failing to raise additional third party funding”. Read full item.

1 thought on “Qualcomm pulls the plug on LifeComm

  1. Funding Drying Up

    Unfortunately this is becoming an old story–that telecare and telehealth companies cannot get third round funding. One, it’s too large for some private equity or VCs, or too small. Two, at least here in the US, funding’s been scarce since early 2008. Finally, everyone’s waiting for what happens in the next month or so with this so-called national health plan.

    The promising part was the medallion/accelerometer integration for fall detection.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong–but MedApps HealthPal, by being agnostic on devices, went way ahead on this, while LifeComm was still working on integration.

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