Preview of MediPendant TV adverts (US)

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Medical Alarm Concepts has released a preliminary version of its new television commercial for its MediPendant personal medical alarm system (one of the ones where you can talk through the pendant). They have released it because they had “had many questions from our investors about the status of our new advertising campaign” Press release. Watch the advert preview here.


  1. It’s encouraging to see more TV adverts for pendant alarms, as it shows that companies are willing to invest in the industry.

    However, I do find the product disappointing, especially given the amount of money will have spent on devleopment and marketing. It only has a range of 600 feet from the base unit and the main USP they promote in the advert and press release is 2-way voice!

    In the UK, there are companies like mine (Skyguard) which have been offering 2 way voice as a standard feature for several years now. And we also offer GPS location technology which gives the accurate position of the user, virtually anywhere in the world. There are plenty of other innovative features leading providers can offer such as Man-down and tracking, which are available as geniune differentiators.

    I’m not an expert on the US market, but I do know there are US suppliers who can offer GPS, and 2 way voice (amongst other features), so its seems rather odd that this provider is spending so much time and money on an inferior, or at best a “me too” product.

    Some of the larger Telecare companies both sides of the Atlantic, really need to ask themselves, “are we using the latest technologies to deliver the best possible care to our customers?”

    Sadly, the answer in many cases is “no”.

  2. Alan Richards

    Sorry, Will, but you are talking about a cell phone. The Medipendant is not a cell phone! You don’t have to charge it up every so often. The battery can last up to 3 years depending on usage. My Mom doesn’t drive anymore but she does go outside where it works. She wears it in the shower. Really a great product.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your reply. The GPS pendant alarms I refer to do require charging every 2-3 days so in that respect they are like a cell phone, but they offer far more features than a phone does, and are much easier for the elderly to use with their single button alarm.

    The long battery life and waterproof capabilities are useful, so perhaps they should have been mentioned in the press release as features of the product.

    I’m not saying there isn’t a place for a product like this – clearly there is as your Mother benefits from it, I just think the messaging could have been better. If it led me to the wrong conclusions about the device (as someone who works in the industry), then surely it will do the same to laypeople.

    I wish the company success with the campaign, and anything which improves general awareness of the industry has to be a good thing for all.

  4. Donna Cusano--Ed.

    Interestingly at the [u]very[/u] end is an announcement of Medical Alarm Concepts’ intent to merge with First Fitness Nutrition to create what they claim is a $10 million company.

    As a marketer I find it also very odd that they announce a ‘rough cut’ of a commercial (which looks rather finished to me), a marketing relationship with an infomercial company and an intent to air it sometime in the future because of ‘questions from investors.’ Which begs the question of what they are trying to achieve from announcing really…good intentions.