Philips vs Intel/GE in home health?

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Another quiet company in remote monitoring and telehealth has been Philips. The article on seems to promise a showdown between these two giants, but then disappoints with strudel-like layers of generalities and statistics. Philips’ moves seem to be all European/UK–they are a participant in the Whole System Demonstrator project in the UK [TA coverage including 12 Nov] and their Motiva telehealth/home television platform is in Europe. But their visible presence in the US is largely tied to the popular Lifeline PERS (traditional and a newer version with fall detection), which curiously receive little promotion now. Philips ‘home healthcare’ is a mashup of telehealth monitoring (TeleStation – which looks a great deal like HealthBuddy), defibrillators, cardiac monitors and other devices, Respironics…and baby feeding. Does this mean that Philips and whatever the Intel/GE JV will be named will be slugging it out first in UK and EU rather than the US? One wonders. Article.