DayaMed MedPod debuts Thursday

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Medication dispensers are largely clunky objects occupying a counter top, certainly not as fetching as, let’s say, a microscope or ultrasound device uploading to a smartphone, But med dispensing is arguably much more important in maintaining health and stabilizing costs; last year the New England Health Institute (NEHI) estimated expense related to non-compliance at a stunning $290 billion in the US–13% of total healthcare expenditure. A new entry with a different idea is Miami, FL based medpodDaya Medicals, which will be unveiling its medication dispenser, the MedPod, on Thursday 9 December. According to the release, prescribed medications are pre-stocked in individual ‘pods’, set with patient reminder light and sound alerts, then shipped to the patient’s door. We don’t have much more than this (the website is a single page at left), and wonder how big the pods are, but a major point in their release is that reminders to patients and missed dosage alerts to families, caregivers and doctors are hub-based via M2M cellular. It’s worthy to note that this is the same direction as Vitality GlowCaps [TA 23 Nov] which has recently moved to AT&T M2M connectivity [TA 7 Nov] for their pill bottle cap-based system. Pods will be manufactured at a facility in the University of Miami’s life sciences park. Release. (Updated 7 Dec Ed. Donna)