'OnStar for the body': X PRIZE competition

The privately-funded X PRIZE Foundation, which rewards radical breakthroughs and approaches that, in the Foundation’s judgment, benefit humanity, had eight concept finalists resulting from their Visioneering Weekend back in April, but only lately have the videos been released. Daniel Kraft of IntelliHealth presents his concept of ‘OnStar for the body’ which essentially (as in a car) is remote monitoring and telemetry 24/7 to detect disease far earlier than currently. A somewhat caffeinated video but only 1 min 17 sec.! Also control your computer by thought (BCI’s ‘Mind over Matter’)–and hyperfast travel! X PRIZE finalist videos. You might also want to look at the Life Sciences Prize group which includes the Digital Doctor X CHALLENGE, the Tricorder X PRIZE [TA 16 May] and diagnostics for TB.