Stretch…..that sensor

Sensor-based technologies have their limitations–in that no matter how small, there’s always something fairly rigid about the sensor itself. Fabric sensors have been tested but are not yet in wide distribution. Another idea is straight out of ‘Terminator’–a fluidic sensor that can stretch and bend. While not quite that yet, this research may point the way. Based on the concept of multi-layer microfluidic stretchable radiofrequency electronics (?FSRFEs), a sensor consisting of a multifunctional antenna integrated with a conventional rigid circuit board can measure intensive body movements and wirelessly send information directly to a computer. The design enables wireless measurement of repeated bending across a large area or moveable parts. A Microfluidic, Reversibly Stretchable, Large-Area Wireless Strain Sensor, published in Advanced Functional Materials, 21 June. (abstract; requires special access) Second layer of smart e-skin…(article)