Will older person-friendly PCs make standalone devices redundant?

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Interesting connection made in


  1. Donna Cusano

    Why “GO” when there are netbooks?

    Count me skeptical. The “GO” is Dell-desktop priced @ $799 and you pay $19.99/month for their proprietary connection. I agree that it’s nice and simple, especially on the touch screen, simplified keyboard (great after market item) and emailing.

    Seems like netbooks can do the same thing at half the price. And they are approaching touch screen technology. Next, the senior friendly netbook?

    Marketing clunkers: The “Rosemary’s Computer” blog reads like someone other than Mark Gordon’s 80 year old mother in law is writing it. It sounds fake, like those articles and fake blogs to drive website traffic and search results.

    What would have been highly persuasive on the website are testimonials and videos showing seniors using and enjoying the GO. firstStreet is not marketing smarter here.