New product news: Burnside Easy Answer II

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EAsy Answer II Burnside Telecom has launched the Easy Answer II. The GSM-based phone can be used without the expense of landline installation, connection charges or fixed monthly rentals and it can automatically answer calls from family and friends with hands-free operation, enabling calls to be answered without having to lift or use the handset. New features of the Easy Answer II include:

  • a micro USB power supply, which is fast becoming the industry standard
  • increased speaker volume
  • support for inductive coupling for hearing aid users
  • an optional pear push accessory which enables anyone with limited movement or strength to make a call for assistance. It has an anti-bacterial coating, luminescent label and can be clipped to clothing or bedding.

For any units monitored by a telecare organisation or with the recently announced Burnside MoniCare software, these can now support simultaneous monitoring of the status of the unit and an active call. Easy Answer video.