New product: CareWhere Safer Walking Belt – GPS tracking (UK)

CareWhere Ltd has apparently been around since 2006, but only just come to our attention. The company has taken “complex GPS location and communication technology and created practical, easy to use solutions for everyday life, delivered to your phone or computer.” Moreover, “We did not start with a GPS tracking box to sell, but created our own technology, systems and consumer products based on what was required or asked of us. We have international patents filed for various aspects of our hardware and system and we own everything we do.” The monitoring information is relayed directly to the person’s carer and not through a monitoring centre. Start with this web page: Why CareWhere is different.

3 thoughts on “New product: CareWhere Safer Walking Belt – GPS tracking (UK)

  1. Interesting, just tried to look up this company on Companies House, by copying and pasting their name from the contact page:
    CareWhere Ltd.
    There appears to be no registered company?!

  2. Good catch, Anon.

    I’ve checked with the owner who is unable to post directly at the moment and he says “CareWhere is being registered right now and exists as trading name within Retrieva Ltd. it will become the new name for Retrieva Ltd when Companies House has completed the process within the next week or two.”

    It looks like the owner jumped the gun on the website. Retrieva seems to have been into pet tracking since 2006.

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