Handicapping the smartphones (US)

It’s a race in mobile health…but what platform will be taking the lead?  Two horses are burning up the track.  Earlier this week, Nielsen confirmed that Android is now the most popular system among new smartphone buyers–53 million phones this year (ZDNet).  But yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Verizon will be offering a CDMA iPhone by early next year. Verizon’s footprint in healthcare is substantial and includes a health information exchange–TA 23 July–one can assume a large door will be opened for iPhone there.  Meanwhile Verizon is going fast–4G LTE with device adapters this year, chips in devices next–perfect for iPhone. ZDNet gives the odds at Verizon and Apple iPhone could make some LTE magic.  And the third horse? BlackBerry is leading but fading in the stretch, according to comScore.  But don’t count RIM out.  RIM’s challenges about to multiply  And then there are the tablet wars…with most running Android.  Stay tuned!