New iPhone software for critical care video, vital signs monitoring

As CES 2010 begins, Vigilance, a remote monitoring software program for iPhones that was demonstrated by Craig Barrett of Intel at his keynote, is being released to market by a Birmingham, AL company, Acuitec.¬† Originally developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center physicians, Vigilance allows emergency room, ICU, anesthesiology and critical care professionals¬†to view multiple patient and operating rooms on live feed, monitor patient vital signs and receive alerts.¬† It’s in use at Vanderbilt, two hospitals in Nashville TN and one in South Carolina. Birmingham (AL) News article, Acuitec website.

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  1. Low-cost telecare – converging technologies are creating a disruptive event
    It is exciting. Finally a number of technologies are coming together to provide exceptionally low-cost remote patient monitoring and case management. Watch this: 1) Price of devices is dropping, and they now are all coming with Bluetooth 2) Mobile penetration is skyrocketing and costs are dropping 3) New SaaS-based patient management systems developed on business process management platforms provide low-cost, virtually zero upfront investment and the ability via web services to connect it all.

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