Check your phone, turn over, put on your sunscreen

As we head towards the (Northern Hemisphere) winter equinox and the short, cold and largely dark days of winter, it’s nice to be reminded of the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer.  The Center for Connected Health recently conducted a six-week study sending daily text reminders to participants, reminding them to put on their sunscreen.  Adherence improved in the messaged group vs. the control by 26 points.  Lead paper in Archives of Dermatology, NovemberRelease.

1 thought on “Check your phone, turn over, put on your sunscreen

  1. ROI for Innovation

    Yes, this type of innovation is essential in behavior modification.

    Even better would have been to notify these people of the need to take their vitamin D3, with their sunscreen. Think of the differences in wellness, diet, health and employee health!


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