4 thoughts on “Microsoft tags for mHealth?

  1. Read about these tags here:
    (Heads-up thanks to Cathy Stephenson)

  2. Thanks for including that so quickly Steve … just to share a couple of ideas of how they might be useful:

    I have two currently on a conference poster – one is my business card; the other is a small block of text to demonstrate how it could be used to share say a case study (anonymous of course) and maybe pose an interactive question at an event. The text volume is quite restrictive though.

    Another thought that occurs to me … not tried but I have a situation in mind where I might be able to do so shortly … is rather than putting up a text message or label beside a particular object or area in a person’s home, we could include a tag like these to offer prompts or information – they are quite decorative and it is perhaps more discreet and personalised than a preprinted message that anyone can just read. Because reports can be generated each time the tag is read it could be a method for us to gather data about how our service users interact with particular things? (ethical considerations addressed naturally)

    I will be interested to hear other creative ideas for using these …

  3. Mobile tags are one of those fantastic technologies that are enabled by the explosion in smart phones ownership. Having read the psfk report on mobile tags back in February, I have been trying to come up with some mCare applications ever since – and plan some brain storming sessions shortly to try to tease out some applications that could add real value to the health experience. I would recommend all readers to take a look at this free report at http://www.psfk.com/2011/01/psfk-presents-the-future-of-mobile-tagging-report
    and perhaps consider buying a hard copy too for their book shelves.

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