Med-e-Tel call for papers opens

Looking forward to Med-e-Tel next April?

Perhaps you should be given the wide range of topics that are going to be covered: Ageing services [i.e. services for people who are getting older, not services that are ageing. I think]; bio-informatics and intelligent clothing; cost-benefit studies, market trends, strategies for the future, opportunities and barriers for eHealth implementation; developing countries and eHealth; eHealth and transport systems (air, rail, road, sea, space); eHealth applications in cardiology, radiology, wound care and other medical disciplines; eHealth for prison systems; electronic health records; e-learning; e-Prescription; e-therapy including telerehabilitation, cyber-therapy, tele-psychiatry and e-psychology; ethics, laws and reimbursement; facing threats and disasters; home monitoring and homecare applications; long term data preservation and intelligibility; management of chronic diseases; military eHealth; nutrition, drugs and eHealth; paediatric telecare; secure data transmission; standardization and interoperability; telecommunication and wireless technologies for eHealth; telenursing and nursing informatics.

There is a special registration fee for speakers so you are are invited to make a submission related to the above themes.The abstract must be prepared according to the Med-e-Tel guidelines, which can be found at Authors should submit a one page abstract before the deadline, i.e. by December 20th, 2008.