More CES analysis (contrarian variety)

Laurie Orlov at her Aging in Place Technology website has a long ‘view at variance’ on whether technologies that assist older adults even belong at CES.  In her view, they are lost in the ‘crapgadget tsunami’ and would be better off at ASA, AARP Life at 50+, AAHSA etc. Her Ten Technologies from CES — A Wrap (she wasn’t there but got all the releases) and the comments back from this year’s attendees who have products/services targeted for older adults — for reading with a large cup of tea or a long cold drink.  We like contrarian views–they force you to check your premises–and Laurie rightly takes Ford Motor Company to the woodshed for its ‘Sync’ contribution to ‘distracted driving’ (a ‘killer app’ indeed!).  [Editor’s note:  Susan Ayers Walker in her 11 Jan posting mentions the start of the consortium or trade group posted here.]

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  1. More CES analysis (contrarian variety)

    Most of us who attended the Silvers Summit at CES have a vastly different opinion than Laurie (who did not attend CES).

    Please make sure your readership reads the comments posted below laurie’s long distance view of CES — “Ten Technologies from CES — A Wrap”

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