Invention helps seniors become plugged-in

For the third time in less than seven days Telecare Aware brings you news of another new device. This one, the Linked Senior, has been in use for about a year and a half by residents at independent-living community in Mclean, Northern Virginia. It’s an extremely user-friendly ‘digital kiosk’. Fred Johnson, director of programs and special events at Vinson Hall, said residents helped the inventors tweak their product to deliver what they wanted. “The residents basically dictated what this is.” Read both pages.

1 thought on “Invention helps seniors become plugged-in

  1. Seniors + Technology = Greater Independence, Quality of Lives

    Being a blog about the way technology can enhance a senior’s autonomy and quality of life, we think inventions and programs like this are wonderful.

    We also wanted to mention that devices such as iPods are slowly becoming more senior-friendly. In fact, the iPod now offers numerous “apps” (applications) that are geared toward seniors. You can read about them from that link, as well as a variety of other elder-friendly gadgets, by visiting

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