Introducing FRED

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SidekickStudios style themselves as a social innovation company. The mission is to solve social problems using the internet. “We’re not a consultancy; we make things. We don’t do the tried and tested; we like making angels in virgin snow. We’re not interested in the technology; we’re interested in what it can do. We work for brands; we work in the public sector. We’re not defined by a channel; we’re defined by our mission to use the internet to create socially useful products and services. Let’s see how we go.”

Now I’ve set the scene, What is FRED?

It is SidekickStudios’ attempt to “bring the internet and playful design to the NHS” for the better management of long term conditions…using telecare. Now you will have to read the first of three articles for yourself. Introducing FRED.


  1. adil

    we have similar interests…
    thanks for sharing our work on your blog. looks like if you do telecare, you need to know about telecareaware! over the coming months, we’ll share more and more about FRED. we’ll keep checking in here too.