Intel Health Guide goes POTS

In a move that repositions its Health Guide in the marketplace, Intel has responded to the dismay that its ‘broadband only’ policy had produced by announcing that it will make a ‘modem’ type device available that will connect the Health Guide to the plain old telephone service (POTS) as well as cable/DSL broadband and 3G mobile phone wireless. This makes the Health Guide a much more viable option for service providers who will now no longer need to require patients being monitored to have broadband and, indeed, the press release announcing this development includes the names of several major new Health Guide customers: Providence Life Services, Spectrum Medical, and ProActive Healthcare.

1 thought on “Intel Health Guide goes POTS

  1. POTS–who would have thunk it?

    Amazingly, after 3 years of development, mighty Intel figured out that seniors who are their best market for Health Guide still have POTS in the home. They may have cable but don’t have the phone part of broadband because they don’t trust it, especially in areas where cable gives out (e.g. power failure in hurricanes & storms) but POTS stays on. Not only that, but some still have pulse (in other words, rotary dial) because they don’t want to change or (in some areas) pay more for tone!

    BTW where is GE on this? Looks like this release wasn’t joint?

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