Intel and GE develop Health House

Oh dear! Oh dear! It looks as if, as relative newcomers to the field, Intel and GE have allowed themselves to be talked into investing in a ‘telemed/telecare house’ project… the kind beloved of academics but which numerous previous projects have shown there is no market appetite for, nor likely to be when it’s nutcrackers, not sledgehammers, that are needed. E-Health Europe brings you the story.

1 thought on “Intel and GE develop Health House

  1. Much More Coherent Version of Times (UK) Story

    Well, at least E-Health Europe writes an article that makes some sense!

    Could not agree with you more, Steve. These “house projects” often fill in the gaps when there is nothing new to report, or a holdup in tech development,or the funding to bring to market. Is there trouble in telecare paradise?

    The core technology still seems to be QuietCare–why no mention? And the “for sale” product, at least in US, is still….QuietCare. But GE doesn’t own it, yet. BTW, QuietCare is installed in private homes. That seems to have been lost here. Also AMAC markets Intel Home Health in the US, according to their website. Is this still happening?

    On the substance of the demo house–see comments below on the Times article.

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