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GlobalMedia of Scottsdale, Arizona, has an interesting position in the telemedicine market. It has expertise in visual conferencing but also produces devices and software that make it easy to incorporate telemedicine: items such as a cart system (featured in this general zdnet item on telemedicine) but, most interestingly, the small, multifunction camera ‘TotalExam’ (FCC and CE marks December 2009). See a YouTube video and read more in an Arizona Republic article. How long, one wonders, before such technology becomes part of a visiting kit for nurses?

UPDATE 17 Feb 2011: TotalExam Judged Best Patient Examination Camera (press release)


  1. Roger Downey

    Telemedicine and GlobalMedia

    Steve and Donna, I’m the Communications Manager for GlobalMedia. I thought you’d like to know that GlobalMedia telemedicine equipment is already being used in home healthcare settings.

    A wound care physician in Louisiana sends a physical therapist armed with a laptop equipped with a 3G phone card to a patient’s home. Using GlobalMedia cameras and microphones and GlobalMedia’s secure, encrypted video-conferencing client, EasyShareVC, the physician examines and talks to the patient from his office. His patients love it because they don’t have to make the time-consuming and uncomfortable drive into his office. But this is just one of the uses of our equipment. I suggest you go to our Web site, Click on the Video Gallery and watch the report WCPO-TV did just last week on GlobalMedia’s TransportAV system being used by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. ER doctors are able to see young, critically injured patients from the moment EMTs put them on a gurney until they arrive at the hospital. This is important because they can see the skin tone of the patient which tells them how serious the situation is. They can instruct the EMTs on what they need to do while transporting the patient.