Experimental weigh scale also checks your heart (Spain)

Researchers from the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya have developed a bathroom scale that can conduct an electrocardiogram and report back weight and ECG results at the same time. Will it ever fly as a telehealth device when there are simpler and more elegant ways of getting the same data? Look at the pictures in this item from Gizmag: Experimental weigh scale also checks your heart.

1 thought on “Experimental weigh scale also checks your heart (Spain)

  1. An interesting gadget, but as you say, there are simpler methods for gathering this information already on the market. The item in Gizmag also demonstrates the problems with some new health monitoring devices being over-hyped. The ‘sell’ in this case is that the device only uses four contact points rather than the usual 12 to gather an ECG. This won’t be the case – the device will display the electrical rhythm of the heart, which only ever requires four contact points at most, and often less. A ‘full’ ECG gives 12 different views of the heart and requires 10 electrodes in contact with the patient (six of which need to be on the chest) – the device in the Gizmag article is therefore not an alternative to ‘traditional’ 12-lead ECG recording.

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