EU issues action plan for digital healthcare

The European Commission last week issued a plan of action to address barriers preventing the full use of digital solutions in Europe. Measures covered by the plan include:

  • clarifying areas of legal uncertainty
  • improving interoperability between systems
  • increasing awareness and skills among patients and healthcare professionals
  • putting patients at the centre with initiatives related to personal health management and supporting research into personalised medicine
  • ensuring free legal advice for start-up eHealth businesses [Editor’s emphasis]

The Commission has also pledged to issue a mHealth (Mobile Health) Green Paper by 2014 addressing quality and transparency issues. EU issues action plan for digital healthcare InnovateUK

1 thought on “EU issues action plan for digital healthcare

  1. This is missing some important issues:
    – how to enable and then encourage care service providers to collaborate
    – defining the security regime necessary to support users ownership and management of their own health records
    – the financial framework necessary to support collaborative care working

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