Now a $2,000 'EDA' for hospitals from Motorola

mc75ao_hc_mdBigger than a Dell Streak at 6″, but with a relatively tiny 3.5″ screen, comes the Motorola entry into the hospital data race with its MC75A0-HC ‘Rugged Healthcare Enterprise Digital Assistant’ (EDA).  Its features are numerous–it’s rugged (based on military standards), disinfectable, has a 3.2 megapixel camera, is HIPAA compliant and has a wide variety of point-of-care applications.  Whether HIT CIOs will go for this is a question at this pricey rate, unless they already have a lot of Motorola in the hospital. Hat tip to John Farrell at MobileHealthWatch for getting the pricing info.  Motorola release and product page/specs. eWeek article.

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1 thought on “Now a $2,000 'EDA' for hospitals from Motorola

  1. Motorola’s EDA a ‘brick’…
    Reviewing the specs…the Motorola EDA seems to be a Stallone/Schwarznegger version of a BlackBerry. At 1.7″ deep and 3.3″ wide (in addition to the 6″ long)–and 14 oz.– it fits in the lab coat but there’s a bit of sag, certainly weightier than an iPhone or Droid but lighter than the touted iPad which is 1.5 lbs=24 oz.  ‘Thick as a brick’/80s retro style?

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