1 thought on “GPS dementia tagging: is it too demeaning?

  1. More than that….

    Here we are again, in fear of lawyers and legal actions because of technology meant to increase safety!

    The article lays out the issues fairly for the person with dementia and the caregiver. GPS tracking doesn’t work miracles, but it helps both. Speaking of human rights, isn’t involuntary confinement of an adult an issue? Wandering and ‘getting lost’ without tracking eventually lead to ‘house arrest’ of a sort; if there is even one episode of confusion or getting lost when on their own, does the caregiver become liable? ┬áThose with early to mid stage dementias or post-stroke have ‘good days and bad days’ — that bad day can be a wander or getting lost day.

    There is also a psychological aspect to this for the person–the benefits of helping to maintain (not ensure) a limited range of independence are positive to individual morale and brain stimulation. We need to remember that this person is an adult, often healthy otherwise and may be functioning OK in many aspects.

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