Dementia patients ignored by hospital staff (UK)

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Dementia patients (a quarter of all admissions to hospital) are suffering at the hands of undertrained hospital staff who ignore pleas for help and fail to treat them as individuals, a damning report into standards of care has found. “Improving dementia care is a priority for this Government.” said Care Services Minister Paul Burstow. However, experts are warning that the Government’s new plan to wait until 2025 to reform care for older people is “not an option” and that with better care at home many of people would not need to be in hospital. Dementia patients ignored by hospital staff: report. The Telegraph


  1. This is really frightening prospect I have had recent experiences of both my father-in-law and dad in hospital and my dad had lewes body disease which can be similar to parkinsons with dementia. We were really fortunate having a fantastic Consultant who really helped and worked alongside the social worker but we have witnessed some really sad situations with my father-in-laws experience in hospital and this area of care is very much under-staffed and in a lot of cases the staff are not experienced or knowledgeable in the these diseases which is very worrying and at times very distressing. It really needs to be addressed now with an ageing population that is living longer.